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Territory And Investment

Serve the Community of Your Choice

Mastercare intends for our franchisees to get the biggest bang for their buck in regards to the territory you are purchasing. You are opening your franchise to not only help people in your local community, but also to ensure you are able to make a living.

Mastercare Franchise territories will service a population of approximately 75,000 to 250,000 people. For the initial Franchise Fee of $37,000 *, your territory is designed by zip codes, political or geographical boundaries. Your territory is PROTECTED, meaning that Mastercare will not sell another franchise within that defined territory throughout the life of your contract. We will help you evaluate the demographics of the area you are considering for your territory based on the geographic location, population, and isolation, etc.

Mastercare also understands that small, rural towns need just as much Homecare (and Healthcare) support as urban areas. Because of geographical barriers, owning a franchise in a rural area may not allow for as large of a client base. To encourage services in rural and underserved populations, Mastercare offers smaller territories, populations between 10,000 and 74,999 people, at a reduced Rural Franchise Fee of $28,000 *.

Mastercare understands that different areas have different needs. You are welcome to infuse your "local" style into your Mastercare outlet. We want our owners to feel comfortable running their business in their own hometown, or wherever they want to call home.

Your input is welcome and we encourage you to share your branding and marketing ideas.

Available Territories

Mastercare has franchise locations in state of Hawaii, Surprise, Arizona and Houston, Texas. Where will you open your Mastercare franchise?


Additional details will be provided and discussed as the franchise process moves forward. Mastercare does not provide financing. Should you be interested in financing all or part of your investment, your success will depend on your creditworthiness, collateral, lending policies, financial condition of the lender, regulatory environment, and other factors. We will provide you with a list of funding resources to evaluate.

Royalties under your Franchise Agreement are among the lowest in the industry. The Mastercare franchise royalty fee structure follows a descending scale based on gross revenues.

(*Initial franchise term is 10 years. The renewal term is 10 years and requires a renewal fee.)