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Just think, you can run a business dedicated to helping others of all ages AND make a profit. You will be offering employment and satisfaction to a variety of people who also want to serve your community.
Mastercare is enthusiastic and gratified to be in a position to help make this happen. So if you’re considering a Homecare franchise, we certainly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Because, regardless of our success, we cannot continue to grow and serve more communities without joining with bright, energetic, and dedicated franchisees.
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Why Franchise?
If you are striving for a new goal, being a Mastercare Franchise owner is a rewarding way to be your own boss and satisfy that entrepreneurial spirit . Mastercare’s franchisees are investing in a tried-and-tested business. Take advantage of the Mastercare administrative experience to guide and support you. Avoid the risks of a “do it yourself” start up with the potential for expensive mistakes. A Mastercare Franchise provides the amount of certainty you are seeking. Mastercare has a track record of success and offers you ongoing operational support.

This Industry
The Homecare industry primarily serves the senior population. As you know, the “baby-boomer” market is growing each year as Baby-boomers turned 65 in 2011 and will continue to join the senior ranks for the next 40 years. This is one industry that enjoys consistent growth regardless of other factors. To give you some perspective on the potential for growing your Mastercare Franchise, (1) in the year 2000 the 65+ population in the U.S. was 35 million; in 2010 that figure grew to 40.2 million, in 2013 increased to 44.7 million, and will grow to 98 million by 2040. In 2004, the Homecare industry generated 9.4 Billion in gross revenue and in 2013 that had risen to 22.2 Billion. This is an outstanding business opportunity.

2000 65+ Population 35 Million
2010 65+ Population 40.2 Million
2014 65+ Population 80 Million
2004 Home Care Industry Gross $9.4 Billion
2014 Home Care Industry Gross $22.2 Billion

Your Investment +

  • Compassion
  • Work Ethic
  • Monetary Investment
  • Take Hold of Your Own Future

Our Commitment =

  • Over 12 Years of Experience
  • Management Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Branding and Marketing

Your Return!

  • Profit
  • Personal Freedom
  • Community Support
  • A Business You Can Be Proud Of

Regardless of our success, we cannot continue to grow and serve more communities without joining with bright, energetic, and dedicated franchisees. Please review this site for additional information about us, our Mission, the business, and how you and your employees can earn a living and enjoy personal satisfaction by providing needed services and support to your community.

The Mastercare Advantage
Just three of many reasons/advantages in considering Mastercare's franchise opportunity:

Revenue Diversity

revenue diversity in franchise
  • Non-medical Home Care*
  • (Optional future services)
  • Skilled/Medical Care
  • Private Duty
  • Medical Staffing
  • Home Safety Product Sales
  • *Per Franchise Agreement
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marketing missing link in franchise
  • Design support
  • Events e.g. Senior Fairs
  • Mass mailing support
  • Print support
  • Media: Broadcast and Internet
  • Start up and ongoing marketing support
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Training and Support

best training and support in franchise
  • Initial pre-start up training
  • In house administrative training
  • Accounting
  • Home Care Management
  • Software systems
  • Troubleshooting
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Some of Our Satisfied Clients

"You have the best employees. They are kind, thorough, professional and do an awesome job- better than I could have hoped for! And the people who work in the office have also done an excellent job and solved all my problems."- Denise R.

"You gave me Relief, Hope, and Help ..."- Sandy P.

"...They have shown such a sincere and compassionate way of handling my mother. Needless to say, their professionalism was never compromised. Thank you sincerely for all you’ve done."- Mike O.